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Meet the Executive Board

All of our talented volunteers have one thing in common; their love for the arts! Our team is dedicated to providing opportunities for students who seek creative outlets.

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Sophia, Founder & President

 Hi! My name is Sophia, and I am the founder and president of C4C. I am a senior drama major at my high school! Through building C4C, I strive to foster opportunities for students and volunteers in the arts.  


Vanessa, Co-Vice President 

Hey, I’m Vanessa, a senior vocal major in high school.  I love working with kids and teaching. Music was very instrumental to where I am now so I can’t wait to help all of you find an outlet in art and music and develop your skills.

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Website and logo Developer, & Co-Social Media Head

My name is Abigail and I am a senior in high school. I am so happy to be apart of this project! I look forward to meeting everyone who attends my classes.

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Mairéad, Co-Vice President  & Media Consultant  

 Hi, I’m Mairéad, and I’m a senior drama major at my  high school.  I have a deep-set passion for making the arts accessible to all, and I’m thrilled to be teaching & sharing the craft of musical theatre during a time period where theatre is vital to building community.


Mia, CoSocial Media Head

 Hola! I’m Mia, a senior drama major at my high school. My passion is to positively impact the lives of every person I meet. My dream is to encourage, inspire, and equip the youth to believe in the possibilities of themselves.  


Ruby, Fundraising


Hey! Im Ruby and I’m a senior drama student in high school ! I have always had a passion for performing and I’m so excited to be teaching musical theatre at C4C!!



Outreach Team

Hi, I'm Naomi Jaroslaw, and I am a  senior in high school. I am a dance major and the Co-President of both LaG's Girls Who Code Club and Brooklyn Heights Group of Synagogue Youth.  I've found dance to be a great escape (since I was two years old), and hope I can bring some of that dancing joy around  working with C4C. 


Afra,  Co- Secretary

Hi! I’m Afra and I’m a junior in high school. I absolutely love working with kids and seeing them find themselves in through arts, and am looking forward to working with C4C over the next couple years!

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  Hi! My name is Jeanie Tramontano and I am a  senior   in high school. I am in the drama department at LaGuardia. I have been performing in theatre for over 10 years. I am very excited to be able to teach your children in this arts program!


Cloè, Lesson/Curriculum Head

Hi! I’m Coco and I’m a senior. I have a passion for acting and wish to help others discover their passion, as well as train and keep up their craft while in quarantine.

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Cora, Creative Writing & Drama Department Head

Hi!! I’m Cora and I’m a senior Drama Major in high school. I love acting, reading, writing, and I’m super excited to teach.


Jackie, Private Lessons Coordinator

Jackie Coraci is a senior vocal major at her high school.  She looks forward to seeing you all in class!


Samantha, Co-Vocal Department Head

  Hey, I’m Sam! I’m a vocal major at my high school and love singing, film, and music. I’m so happy to be involved in this and glad to be working alongside such talented people!


Leah, Co- Vocal Department Head

Hi! My name is Leah and I am a senior drama major at my high school. I’ve always loved performing ever since I was a little girl and I am really really excited to help bring the magic of the arts to all of you.


Ela, Dance Department Head

Hey! I’m Ela and I’m going into my senior year at the dance studio at  my high school. I started dancing at three, and it has been challenging and fun ever since. Dancing during quarantine offers such an exceptional outlet for artistic expression. I love teaching and dancing and I’m so excited to work with all of you!


Dani, Weekly Newsletter Editor

My name is Dani Berman. I am a senior at  my high school,  where I major in drama. I have loved acting for as long as i can remember and I can’t wait to work  with Crafters 4 Creativity.


Alessandra, Instrumental 
Department Head

 Hi everyone! I’m Alessandra Sullivan, and I’m so excited to be working with you all. I’m a senior in high school. I have over ten years of experience in the guitar, and I also play the classical violin! I can’t wait to have a blast with C4C!


Danie, Art Department Head

 Hello! My name is Danie font! I have been studying art for five years and have had training inside and out of  my high school. I’ve worked with many kinds of material from sewing to painting to sculpture. I look forward to helping young artists in their art journey.


Damla Yesil, Treasurer

 Hi! I’m Damla, a senior vocal major at my high school. I’ve always been passionate about making music and I can’t wait to work with everyone as an instrumental instructor.

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