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We are inspiring students!                           
Take a look at what parents have been saying...         
This is an amazing program! We really appreciate all the hard work and effort you're putting into bringing (free!) arts learning to NYC children! Thanks for all you do.”
“[My daughter] really really loves both Amanda (dance teacher) and Julia and Iris (theater teachers). She has been much more confident and outgoing, which is so nice to see as a parent. Thank you for having such great teachers!” 
“These classes are doing so much for [my daughter’s] self-esteem and overall mental health during this time of social isolation.”

"You make special changes to make [this pandemic] better for many kids… Unforgettable and appreciated by parents and kids to help us get through this crisis time in our lives with the tragedy of it all."

“[My daughter] has had a great time in class. Not only did it improve her singing, but more important, her confidence.”
“Thank you so much for making an effort in keeping the kids engaged and doing fun social activities during these crazy times of isolation. It was great that my daughter was still able to do something active and fun in the safety of our own home with the guidance of your wonderful instructors!!!”

"[My son] enjoyed the classes very much. He is learning how to get more comfortable and express himself in the virtual classroom!”

"My daughter has been having so much fun in the program. During these times when there is so little access to others, this has been something she looks forward to each week. After the class, she talks about what she learned to anyone who will listen! Thank you!”
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