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In this department, all of our teachers have dedicated themselves to their craft through personal, professional, and educational experiences. We have decided to offer courses that we enjoy and think will be of importance to the youth. Writing classes help develop the skills of future writers, as well as, the minds of creative thinkers. Acting classes give insight into the basics of the profession which fosters appreciation. None of our classes require prior experience, enabling all ages to explore new sides of themselves. We want to help educate our generation while bringing smiles to their faces.

The arts and crafts class is for kids of any age range to explore the fundamentals of arts in a fun interactive environment! The class combines skills like painting and drawing through activities using basic craft materials you may have at home. We will explore arts and crafts through fun lessons such as printmaking, poetry and games all while creating a comfortable space for your child to share their ideas and art with others! It’s a great jumping off point to keep your child engaged and creative.


In the instrumental department of C4C, our goal is to give students a well rounded musical education, based on each student’s skill level, We will either get them started with a basic understanding of the topic, or help them expand on what they already know. In songwriting, we will unlock the students’ creativity while showing them the basic components of famous songs. In the beginner guitar/piano classes we will gauge the experience level of the students and adjust our lessons to be the most beneficial to the students, splitting them into groups based on skill. In all classes we will study a bit of music theory and the history behind the subjects. We are  looking forward to working with you all!



The vocal department focuses on a breadth of subjects but will have a focus on teaching proper technique, and thus preventing vocal damage. Learning vocal technique is the foundation of all future musical endeavors and can be implemented in all styles. C4C classes will cover pop music, musical theater, and more. Our instructors are trained with proper technique and are experts in many forms of music. Our team's experience ensures our students will learn to sing their very best. 


Creative writing is a great way to expand your child’s knowledge and ability when it comes to expression through words. We cover poetry, short stories and other forms of writing that allow imagination to run free while covering a wide range of material. We also make sure to emphasize hands on activities and interaction between students to ensure productive and entertaining classes.


Enthusiastic  High School dance majors are staffing the Crafters-4-Creativity Dance department. All teachers are trained in ballet, modern, and other unique styles (including character, musical theater, tap, etc.). C4C hopes to bring the joy of dance through both structured technique classes and student-led freeform movement. Classes are broken into age groups so the teachers can bring challenging yet approachable courses to all students. The oldest age group will include some audition preparation, covering aspects of high school dance auditions. C4C understands the importance of self-expression through movement and will work to create the most engaging classes while understanding the physical limitations of dancing from home. Although all are new to "learning from home," the teachers will take what they learned from their dance at home, what worked and what didn't, into the Crafters-4-Creativity dance classes.

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