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 Free Arts Classes

Want to know more? 


Our theatre classes not only consist of theatrical topics such as Intro to Acting, and Theatre History but also Audition Prep, Learning to Playwright, Film History & Appreciation, and Improv! All our volunteers have a passion for their craft and a desire to share it among younger students. 


The art classes we offer vary from arts & crafts for ages 4-6, to art classes for ages 11-14. Our art instructors have experience in painting, drawing, sculpting, and much more! They hope to provide a creative space where any child can grow. 


Musical theatre courses cover all the bases, including:  voice, drama, movement, stagecraft, and technique. Courses will not just make students better performers, but also strengthen their understanding of what it is to put on a show, and allow them to participate in activities and discussions surrounding our common love for musical theatre.


 The instrumental courses we offer include learning how to play an instrument, working on instrumental skills, and learning music theory along with it. Our instructors are all talented instrumentalists who have been surrounded by music from a young age. 

Songwriting, Learning to Sing, and General Music Theory are a few of the classes we are offering our students. Our vocal instructors are all dedicated to teaching proper technique to all students. Our classes focus on various styles of music, varying from Pop to Musical Theatre. 

Our dance classes consist of a wide variety of styles. Our instructors have experience in traditional ballet, hip-hop, contemporary, and much more. These classes require minimal space and no equipment. 


We cover poetry, short stories and other forms of writing that allow imagination to run free while covering a wide range of material. We also make sure to emphasize hands on activities and interaction between students to ensure productive and entertaining classes.

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